CCW Training Class

The CCW Training Class is a class that is designed to meet the requirements as certified by the Solano County Sheriff (or other county/city). BRC Arms is certified by Solano County, Mendocino County, Yolo County, Sacramento County, the City of Napa and the City of Davis. Most of classes are conducted for Solano County but contact us directly for other counties or other training needs. We provide other defensive training classes and can custom taylor one to your audience as well.

It is important to note that these classes are being taught by people with lots of live experience in self-defense situations. They are former military and former law enforcement. They represent a life time of experience and not just some certification from the NRA that says they can teach the class. They have lived it!

The CCW Training Class consists of two main parts. The 16 hour class is broken down into a classroom setting where we go over a handful of different topics related to CCW and then the range portion, which consists of the weapons training, weapon inspection followed by weapons qualification for your actual CCW permit. Here is what you can expect in each portion:



1) We start of with lecture/discussion about the laws surrounding the use of guns, carrying guns and the use of deadly force.
2) We talk about the civil repercussions of the use of deadly force in a self-defense situation.
3) We talk about what things to out for and what to say and “not say” following a self-defense shooting.
4) We talking about methods of carry, equipment, bags, purses, holsters.
5) Carrying and dealing with situations in your vehicle.
6) Situational awareness.
7) Law enforcement interactions.
8) Guns in the home - the use of firearms for self-defense and the application of it in YOUR home.
9) Mental Health Video and discussion (UC Davis Behavioral Health Specialists)

Firearms Safety & Manipulation

1) We talk about the weapon: aiming, gripping and trigger control. (This is not a basic handgun class. It is assumed that you have some experience)
2) We talk about the physics of controlling the weapon to minimize recoil and allowing you to make fast target acquisitions


1) Your weapons will be inspected to ensure that they are legal and functioning correctly and meet the requirements for CCW.
2) We start with a 5 station course of fire with 10 rounds at each station where we focus on the things taught in the classroom session.
3) Controlling the dispersion of energy of the weapon when being fired while engaged in a self-defense shooting position.
4) Another 5 station course of 10 rounds each adding in trigger control as previously discussed added to the previous grip drills.
5) Using the relationship between the grip and the “sear reset” trigger manipulation to minimize misses.
6) We move on to a 2 station drill focused on moving while further encouraging the previous grip and trigger drills.
7) Next we incorporate a non-dominate hand shoot drill. This is important in the event you are wounded in your dominate arm, you can still defend yourself.

Weapons Qualification

1) During weapons qualification, you will need 50 rounds for each gun you want to put on your permit. Currently, Solano County allows (3) three.
2) You will shoot with your weapon are varying ranges between 5-18 feet.
3) The objective is to observe the student using the techniques previously taught, deployed in a safe manner and in a group dynamic.
4) You will walk away with a certificate of completion that you include your verification of weapons inspection. You will turn this certificate into the Sheriff’s office.


In order to effectively complete the renewal/modification process, you will need to get your training portions completed first, then upload your certificate when you fill out the application online on the sheriff’s web site.
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